About Wellsure Counselling

Warm welcome to WellSure Counselling! We are trained and experienced existential wellbeing counsellors. We objectively appreciate that we all experience personal challenges in our lives. At WellSure Counselling, we provide a comfortable space, where healing and a trusting relationship are built. Your personal problems or challenges receive professional positive and empathetic listening, thereby helping you to clarify issues, explore possible options, develop strategies, and increase self-awareness.

The confidentiality of our help therapy provides you with the peace of mind that you ethically deserve. This simply means everything you discuss with us is private and remains between you and WellSure Counselling. Since your Wellbeing is paramount, limits to confidentiality will be applied if your wellbeing or that of others are threatened. This legal requirement will be explained to you in your initial session.


Why Choose Us?

We clearly understand the dynamics of existential realities and threats. We believe that help comes from gaining clarity about your situation and becoming proactive with yourself, your environment, and important relationships. With our years of experience and diversified approaches to therapy, we will help you identify key issues and destructive patterns in your life, and so support you through making changes for healthier emotions, actions, and relationships.

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About Wellsure


WellSure Counselling will distinguish itself as a pacesetter in helping families/people of diverse backgrounds to access quality and integral therapy for their wellbeing.

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