Appointment Times

Appointments are available Monday thru Friday, daytime and evenings - ring 0459718811 to make a booking or for a confidential "chat" Click here for Counsellors and Locations.


You may book individual times as you go, or book repeat sessions in advance - whatever suits your requirements. If you feel that the counsellor cannot help you further, then please discuss this. Alternate referrals can be made.

Phone Support

If at any stage you need to speak urgently to a counsellor between sessions, via phone or email, then this service is available at no charge. Phone conversations generally will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes, unless in case of an emergency.

Number of Sessions

Sometimes all that is required is a single meeting, while in other cases up to 5 or 6 sessions may be required. Sometimes counselling can extend over a longer period. But the goal is always to minimise the number of sessions required.


Sessions are $120.00 and generally last over 60 minutes, so allow for extra time as required.

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