Grief and bereavement Counselling

Grief is a natural existential response to loss; this loss expands to various experiences of a person. The human experiences of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings which are the sequel to bereavement are constituents of grief.

About Counselling

Whether it is taking care of a dying loved one, planning the funeral, or learning to cope with the absence of the loved one, grief is the leading emotion.

Healing from the loss of a loved one takes time. Regardless of whether your family or friends help you with your transition, there are certain things you can do to help yourself progress through the challenging process of bereavement and grief. When it is overwhelming, you can reach out to us for some empathic and guided lead through to healthy coping… well, you are sure to feel better at WellSure


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1. 12/10/2020

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5. 30/10/2020

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